Summer Marquee Wedding Video

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Wedding Marquees, Wedding Planning

Wedding Marquee Summer Video – Stunning Rurual Locations and Sunshine Galore!!

Join us if you will, on a mini adventure through the hazy days of summer, to a dream wedding location in the heart of the gorgeous Somerset countryside.


What makes a marquee wedding so special?

From the remotest countryside, to the grounds of your family home, marquees offer the ultimate in flexibility. For those who want to invite a large number of guests, marquees are ideal as you can choose exactly where your wedding reception will be.  The location may also be chosen because it geographically works well for guests.  Marquee weddings also allow you to totally personalise your space and make the whole event unique to you.

Does a marquee wedding save you money?

Marquee weddings can be hugely extravagent or can help you save a fortune. If you get the correct licence in place, you can run your own bar which will often save thousands. Many people get friends and family to help with the extras like flowers, cake, decor etc and DIY weddings are more and more the rage.

How can I arrange glamping accommodation for my wedding party?

In the past few years we have had a surge in couples requesting glamping accommodation for their guests which we are now extremely happy to be able to provide. If your chosen location is far from any hotels or city centres, being able to offer alternative, close by accommodation is a fantastic idea. We run two highly successful glamping fields at Glastonbury Festival and Badminton Horse trials so have all the equipemnt and knowhow to set up a bespoke glamping site just for you and your guests.

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